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Thursday 1 October 2020

Insurance Company, Part IV

This is part 4 in a ? part series.

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Part IV: You are here!

So today, Thursday October 1st, I received a call back from the original agent I got a call from, almost 3 weeks ago, before she went on vacation and my claim was just left abandoned, until I escalated it by contacting their complaints/industry ombudservice liaison address to complain about the piss poor response I got received.

You can listen to the call here. That's easier than me transcribing a 12 minute phone call..

But, in case you don't want to listen to the 12 minute call (I don't, again), the gist of it is that they acknowledge that there were 2 impacts, I am responsible for the initial impact where the other driver chose to ram into the back of my car, but that he is responsible for then driving into side of my car, and then ramming me off the road into the barrier.

So we're back to them telling me to take it in to be appraised, and that during the repairs being performed they will pay for a rental car etc.

So, with all that seemingly sorted out, later in the day I took the car in to be appraised.

I didn't get there until just before they closed, figuring that I would just be making an appointment to take it in later anyway, but they were able to do it right then and there, and the helpful appraiser there came out and took all the necessary photos, while I pointed out where the damage and impacts had occurred.

I still hadn't heard from the Quebec police officer, and I had forgotten to call them back again, to again try to get in contact with the officer who was at the scene, and took the other driver's details.

So it finally seems like I'm getting somewhere, that my car is going to get fixed, and I'll just need to continue trying to get the other driver's details, so that I can get in contact with him regarding him paying for my window, or me pressing charges against him for "criminal mischief", and/or then suing him through small claims court for the, currently unknown, cost of replacing the window.

Also, for anyone interested, here's how I do my call recordings: https://techblog.squigley.net/2020/10/android-call-recording.html

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