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Friday 2 October 2020

2020 Travel Highlights

I've seen this posted a few times on Facebag:

You think that's funny? Sure. It is. And then it's fucking sad.

Google basically sends me this meme as an email every month.


So I got to work on some servers, twice, and get groceries.


Let's see, Crappy Tyre for some junk, Kenny U-Pull, to go get a fuel tank/pump for a buddy's car, and the supermarket.


I went to go measure to install cable for a 50A outlet. A job that turned out to be a bust, that involved me squabbling with a useless electrical supply company for them to sell me a bunch of crap that was completely unsuitable for the job. Which I didn't find out until after I spent hours climbing up and down installing a cable that I then had to remove again, and couldn't return, and I ended up about $600 in the hole for a bunch of shit, all for trying to do a favour for a "buddy" who fucked me over.

Swapped the tyres on a buddy's car, and installed a "new" (from the wreckers) washer pump. 

Went to the BLM protest. Ooh, and I got to go to the supermarket.


This is when I got to do some travelling. Up to a buddy's cottage for a couple of nights. That was nice.

Oh look, the supermarket.

I travelled down to London (Ontario, not the real one), to install some servers at the University. We tried to go for a beer. We were the only people on the patio, in a ghost town. The hotel had no food available, and no housekeeping. Thankfully there was a little fridge in the room, so I lived on sandwiches, and cereal. Worked out how to make mac n cheese with a coffee maker. And ramen.

Ooh, this is only the first 4 of 8 highlights from July..

Oh. Never mind.


Let's see here.. I went to the pub, on my own, for one beer. The first one since early March. At a pub that just had to close down again because infected fucking idiots went there.

I picked up (or dropped off?) a friends broken dehumidifier that I recharged the refrigerant in.

I went to the pub again, and almost got Covid. I guess it forgot about the highlight of me spending 4 hours at the Covid testing centre a week later, waiting to get a cotton bud jammed half into my brain.

Oh, and look, what a fucking surprise! The supermarket!

And thanks for the reminder of the before time, when I used to be able to travel to places OTHER THAN THE FUCKING SUPERMARKET.

I'm not looking at this shit any more. It's not fucking funny.

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