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Sunday 20 February 2022

Insurance Part VI

This is part 6 in a ? part series.

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Part VI: You are here!

So, we're at the point where I have received a ridiculous quote for $6 500 to fix my car, which I have forwarded over to the insurance company.

Their reply?

"We had an appraiser look at the vehicle, and the vehicle has been written off as a total loss".

There were a couple of phone calls involved in this, because I had to explain the whole scenario, yet again..

Here's the first phone call: https://squigley.net/calls/written-off-1.mp3

The gist of which is that, maybe this week, probably next week, a truck will come and collect it and take it away, so I need to remove all my possessions from it, and the plates, and have the ownership and the keys ready to give them..

Good riddance?

Yeah, I know they aren't going to pay me anywhere near what I paid for the thing, so I'm not even going down this route, for as much as I hate this shitty car, I'm not getting rid of if and losing out a huge amount of money for a cracked bumper and a dent.

We then got stuck discussing whether I was at fault or not, again..

So the agent had to call the previous agent and/or her supervisor, who I had previously been dealing with, up until this point.

20 minutes later, he called me back, and we continued discussing: https://squigley.net/calls/written-off-2.mp3

The gist of that call, is that they would pay me $4 718.33, and take it away and blow it up or whatever they do with it.

Now, as much as I fucking hate this POS car, I am not about to accept $4 700 for the car I paid $12 500 for 2 years ago. $8 000 to have this shitty car for 2 years? I don't think so.

So my other option was to choose to keep it, and fix it myself, for which they would pay me the princely sum of $2 671.51, towards the $6 500 damage, to my $12 000 car.

That's enough for now..

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